Gung Hei Fat Choi! It?s the Year of the Rooster!

Those were the words of the day Sunday February 20th at the Library and Community Centre where residents and visitors enjoyed Dim Sum snacks (shipped up from Chinatown in Vancouver) and local Chinese food donated by the Dragon Place. Chinese Tea, Mandarin Oranges, fascinating marbled Tea Eggs and the fast vanishing Almond cookies (by Laurie) and sumptuous Sesame Balls (by Donna) accompanied the buffet. Over 200 enthusiastic people gathered throughout the afternoon munching away on goodies while perusing the myriad displays of art, artifacts and furniture; all under beautiful banners and lanterns hanging from the rafters decorated extremely well by dedicated volunteers.

What can I say! Echoing the views of those that attended it was a resounding success. Another new idea that could become an annual fun event for Tumbler Ridge! However none of this would have been possible without the countless volunteers of all ages that helped make it a reality, from the organizers and planners to the sponsors and locals who allowed their treasures to be displayed, the artists, the dyers, the movers, the young ladies and gentlemen, in and out of traditional costume (that hosted and served Dim Sum) to the two ladies that cooked downstairs over a hot stove and kept all the food trays filled nonstop. The slide show presentation and the friendly question / answer tables set up by local adventurous couples, the Junior Rangers for guarding the antique display in the Fireside Lounge and finally to the Library, the Community Centre and the Preschool – Thank You for your effort – you did a tremendous job! And to the interested people that came out to see what it was all about ? we thank you for your support, that?s what makes this such a great community.

Out of all the efforts come great insights and through open dialogue ideas are generated. One of the ideas talked about by several people was the possibility of having a different ethnic theme day/night 2 ? 3 times a year, such as an Oktoberfest and/or a Mexican theme. What do you think? Some food for thought!

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