Gwillim Lake, Creative Peace 2008, 15-17 August.

Enlightening, puzzling, relaxing and enthralling this best describe the Creative Peace 2008 studios and workshops at the idyllic Gwillim Lake retreat. The three day event hosted by the Terry Lansdowne Foundation (TLF) in association with the Library, arts council and local artists was very successful. The facilitators where industry professionals and vocational experts.

After the opening ceremonies Trent Ernst kicked of the show with his workshop the ?Pen as a double edged sword? Treant drew the crowd into a lively discussion forum.

Charles Helm, gave an insight into his latest book ?Exploring Tumbler Ridge? and introduced the title of his new book, ?The Golden Eclipse?.

Plain speaking with Sandrina Harwood was interesting and enlightening, giving facts about Canada?s literacy level. 42% of Canadians between the ages of 16 and 65 read below the literacy level needed for coping with the knowledge-based society we have become. Harwood addressed the need to push for plain speaking.

A water colour workshop, given by resident artist Darcy Jackson was not the standard painting demonstration, but more of a hands-on audience challenge. The task was to create pictures by using only the things around you as tools, no brushes allowed. The attendees used local fauna and flora and the simplest of colours to create truly extraordinary effects.

According to yoga philosopy the human body ahs seven centers of spiritual energy, called Chakras. Rita Kostaluk helped the crowd to balance their Chakras, with information on using crystals, foods and inspiring words.

Silk painting with Mila Lansdowne, was a great success. The inspired participants helped to create four big silks which will be auctioned at a later date to raise money for the TLF.

Joyce Lee introduced the ?Law of Attraction?, the philosophy of project good and expect good was a winner with the attendees who felt it was helpful and enlightening.

Charmaine Shirley, introduced self hypnosis, leading the people present on a mental journey, helped by a subtle musical ambience.

The attendees could swim, canoe, fish, have a sauna, or a full body massage. Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Indian Head massage were offered by two volunteer therapists, Sarah Falcon (Holistic) and Darlyn Roden.

Karen Kristianson explained guided meditation, describing the post operation benefits of visioning.

The food was very good and suited all tasts. Michele Burton volunteered her time to handle the catering arrangements.

The Terry Lansdowne Foundation held their AGM on Sunday, which wrapped up the three day weekend. The Board of Directors for 2008/2009 are: Mary Buist, Dawn Cooksley, Maureen Sywolos, Ava Temple, Ruth Tummons, Doug Halpin, and David Falcon. The executive are Mila Lansdowne, President, Darcy Jackson, Vice President, Bryce Beckett, Treasurer and Floyd Dokkie, Secretary.