Gymkhana?s at Grizzly Valley Saddle Club

Saddle Club members have been keeping themselves busy on Sunday evenings. The Grizzly Valley Saddle Club has decided to hold gymkhana?s once a week after a very positive response to the one held during the poker ride.

Barrel racing and pole bending are events one would see at a gymkhana. Speed and agility are tested. The events are similar to an agility course dogs may participate in, but saddle club members are riding their horses.

The gymkhana is for all ages. It is a way to get members of the saddle club more active, explained Tracey Billey. Billey, who does not have a horse of her own yet in town, has been helping out by recording times and setting up the equipment. There are approximately 8-10 people who usually come out for the evening.

Some of the people who are participating have never done barrel racing or pole bending before, stated Billey. Now, they are coming out and they are learning new skills. The participants are also learning how to set up and take down the equipment, which is a big help.

The purpose of the weekly gymkhana is for saddle club members to get involved and for everyone to go out and have fun.