Halloween Safety Tips for our Little Pumpkins

?Always carry a flashlight with you when trick-or-treating at night.

?Buy costumes that are made of flame-resistant materials.

?Costumes should be bright enough for others to spot you in the dark.

?Don?t anger your neighbours – cutting across yards is impolite and could be dangerous.

?Eat dinner before you trick-or-treat and bag up those sweets!

?Follow all traffic laws and signals, and cross streets only at crosswalks.

?Go slow, drivers. Look out for trick-or-treaters while you are driving.

?Hand out healthy alternatives to candy, like sealed trail mix or raisins.

?If there is no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic.

?Jackets provide warmth. Take one with you on a cool Halloween night.

?Know your parents? or guardians? contact numbers and always keep them with you.

?Light your Jack-o?-lantern with a battery-powered light

?Make sure you wear shoes that fit well and are tied tightly.

?Never go into a house. Stay outside on the balcony.

?Only eat candy in sealed wrappers, and have your parents inspect all of your candy.

?Props like toy swords or wands should be flexible, without sharp edges or points.

?Quickly review your trick-or-treating route with Mom and Dad before you leave.

?Remember to walk, not run, from house to house while trick-or-treating.

?Stop and look in both directions before crossing the street. Car drivers may not see you in the dark.

?Trick-or-treat only in familiar neighbourhoods close to your home.

?Unfamiliar pets should be avoided. Even pets you know might not recognize you.

?Visit only those houses that are well-lit, and never approach a house alone.

?Wear a watch that lights up, so you can read it easily in the dark.

?XYZ Young children should always be accompanied by an adult.