Happy Birthday Harry Potter

Fifteen already! The recent hoopla surrounding the release of the latest J.R. Rowling Harry Potter book, entitled: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was the start of this mega-party in the Tumbler Ridge Public Library.

Officially the fictitious character of Harry Potter, a boy wizard, was born on July 31, 1990. The release of the latest book, arriving boxed with legal warnings of keeping it sealed until midnight of July 16th, was available in the local library.

On the morning of July 17th, children?s librarian Sharon Bray came to work and found herself alone. She felt silly opening it by herself and waited for someone ? anyone ? to come and request it. Trent Ernst arrived and seeing it nestled behind the library desk, jovially commanded her to open the box.

In good order to celebrate his official upcoming birthday, the library hosted a party on the 27th.

Guests arrived at the library, likely 80 plus, some in costume. A balloon was popped for them upon entering, with a Harry Potter phrase from the book printed on it. The guest was to read the phrase, then put their name and phone number on the back and enter it into the door prize box.

Prizes were given out for best costumes, judged by unidentified people, as well as ongoing prizes throughout the two-hour event. There were several winners for costume, all magnificently done.

Going on simultaneously throughout the library was the playing of the first Harry Potter movie, as well as passages of the newest book read by Sharon Bray, A slideshow at the back of the library on the Care and Feeding of Magical Creatures, narrated by Jael Rochon with accompaniment from Rochon?s two pet snakes and Professor Jakers, the Bray?s 9 month old Yorkshire Terrier. Then there was Pin the Tail on the Dudders and the game of Quidditch.