Have you checked out the new playground at the Lion’s campground?

Lynsey Kitching


With the great weather we have been having the last few weeks, the playground at the renovated campground at the Lion’s Campground has been in full swing.

The playground, which had its grand opening on July 21, took the cooperation of many people to transform from any idea, to completion.

Grace Walsh, member of the Lion’s Club and the steering committee for the playground says, “Right after Christmas we started planning.”

It was the Playground Steering Committee that put the whole thing together. They sourced information, wrote out letters for donations to help cover some of the $73,000 cost of the playground. On top of this, the gravel alone cost $10,000.

Darryl Krakowka, chair of the committee says, “Without the committee that was there, it wouldn’t have happened. We still have letters out and are looking for donations to help offset the cost and get back to a neutral cost on it. Right now the Lions have put in about $30–$40,000.”

Krakowka explains the District was a huge supporter of the project, “Walter Energy was our biggest donor of $10,000. The District also donated $10,000 in Grant and Aid, did the land work and they paid for the gravel. By far the District was the biggest in support of it. The District owned the property. We built it way back in 1985 about, and then the District took it over when the mines went down, and we just got it back about three years ago,” he continues, “We want to thank everybody that has helped; sponsored it, helped giving us donations, the District, Public Works definitely needs a big thank you for the work they did prepping the site and helping us at the end.”

Walsh says, “Thanks to the donors and sponsors for helping us on this path for happiness for our children. Any donors that have donated will be put on a plaque put in front of the playground so everyone is aware of the help we received.”

Members of the playground committee include: Darryl Krakowka (chair), Grace Walsh, Teresa Erickson, Cathy Simpson, Dina Janzen and Evelyn Sankovich.

The playground is ready to go, but that hasn’t been the only changes around the campground. Krakowka explains, “We also added gravel where the mud was, painted the gazebo, created a ramp from the gazebo to the playground and added a small playground up top as well. We also put stairs coming down the one hill, going to the bathrooms.”

There will also be a few signs put up around the playground reminding visitors to not throw rocks on the slides because it scratches them.

Other than that, enjoy!