HD Mining donates to community groups

Charles Helm


HD Mining International Ltd. has made a substantial donation of materials to the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) and Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS) as part of its revamping of the Monkman Commons area.

Blair Lekstrom, Senior Advisor to the Chairman of HD Mining, saw the opportunity for assisting these community non-profit groups, and contacted their representatives.

He explains: “HD Mining is very pleased that we were able to assist both the WNMS and the TRMF with our donations of material and the sheds. HD Mining International Ltd. Chairman, Mr. Penggui Yan has made it clear that he and the company are not only committed to pursuing the development of a new coal mine in Tumbler Ridge but doing it in such a way that ensures we are a contributing member of the community. We are proud to be part of Tumbler Ridge and look forward to a bright future.”

The first component of the donation is lumber. Both groups have benefited from decking, prefabricated staircases, and other wood items. WNMS has already used the decking to construct an extra 65 metres of boardwalk at Bullmoose Marshes, thereby completing the board-walking project at this popular wetland hiking destination.

Even more substantial was the donation of a shed to each organization. The WNMS shed is alongside the driving range beside a shed built by volunteers years ago, which has become too small for all the WNMS equipment. The TRMF shed has been placed behind the PRPRC.

The estimated value of these sheds, if they had to be built from scratch, would be around $10,000 each. District of Tumbler Ridge Public Works staff kindly and expertly assisted with moving these heavy sheds.

Praise and gratitude were forthcoming from the leaders of these organizations:

Birgit Sharman, WNMS President, comments: “We are very appreciative of these donations from HD Mining. We definitely had a need for the lumber, staircases and shed, and they are already in use.”

Jim Kincaid, TRMF President, says: “This is another outstanding example of industry support for the Museum Foundation and others in the community. What is really great is that HD Mining did this on its own initiative.”

Perhaps no-one was more pleased than museum curator Rich McCrea, who enthuses: “The donation of materials (shed, laminate flooring & insulated tarps) by HD Mining to the PRPRC is very useful. These are items that we cannot apply for funding for in our current museum renovation budget. The shed alone saves us about $10,000, and more importantly allows for storage of fiberglass resins and other similar supplies that we prefer not to have in the main museum building. The laminate flooring will replace the original carpeting in the education room and perhaps in our library as well.”

These generous donations benefit not only these groups, but the entire community, as they allow for greater efficiency, allowing the programs and services that these organizations deliver and provide to the community and Global Geopark to be enhanced.