Headpins Hit the stage at Grizfest August 3, 2008

Originally formed by Brian MacLeod and Ab Bryant as a sort of side project from Chilliwack, the group was rounded out by drummer Bernie Aubin and one of the hottest singers, Darby Mills. Their impact was immediate even before they landed a record deal and released TURN IT LOUD ? the bands live magnetism was rivaled by few and they soon became one of the hottest commodities in Canadian rock. Charged with emotions, MacLeod?s guitar rang predominant, almost a friendly battle with Mills? immediately signature voice. With Bryant and Aubin serving a tight powerful backbeat, the lead-off title-track grabbed you and refused to let go, and would soon find its place in rock history as one of rock?s greatest anthems of all time.

Mills? style became known as the growl and would go on to lead the charge in their energized live show. Word of the bands raucous, charged show spread and by the time TURN IT LOUD turned platinum just a few short months later, the band had already toured most of the continents. The debut would go on to sell over a quarter-million copies in Canada alone and be certified double platinum, making it one of the most successful debut albums by a Canadian group ever.

The band went into hiatus with each member venturing out to do outside projects. The group reformed later in the decade and the results was unanimous ? people still loved the live magnetism only they can bring to a party. With the re-release of their classic 1992 debut TURN IT LOUD in late 2000 and LINE OF FIRE in 2002, the fortune for the headpins looks bright once again. In 2001, the band was thrilled to announce the addition of Tony Dellacroce as their new guitarist. His slick, aggressive style is a perfect fit for the ?Pins sheer on-stage energy and is one of the driving forces of today?s resurgence in classic Canadian rock! Along with Alfie Galpin, they form one of the scene?s deadliest one-two punch on guitar. The band is still packing the houses. Make sure you catch them when they turn it loud at Grizfest August 3 at 7:00 pm. For more information call 250-242-4246 or visit our website at www.grizfest.com. To learn more about the Headpins visit their website www.headpins.net.