Health Centre Protocols – ER Hours of Operation

The Health Center advises that when they are closed and a person calls 242-5271, the call is forwarded to an answering service which will link the caller directly to the nurse on call. After Hour Services are intended to address medical emergencies only, while all other medical issues should be directed to the doctor?s office (242-4251).

Personnel resources are limited for the number of hours required to cover emergency on call, and your cooperation in using those resources wisely is appreciated.

Emergency Department Information:

911 – 24 hour Ambulance service (will bring you to the health center). A nurse and doctor are always on call for medical emergencies. However we are a diagnostic and treatment center, not a hospital and are limited in our hours of operation. We do not keep overnight patients, therefore, all patients are either treated and released or transferred to the appropriate facility. This can be done by private vehicle, when appropriate, by land ambulance or air-evac. We have a local airstrip that can be utilized if the weather is good and the aircraft used for the Air-Evac is suited to the landing facility.