Health Centre receives new blanket warmer

Barb Schuerkamp


In 1995, the TR Bandaides (the fundraising division of the then robust BCAS crew) purchased a blanket warmer for the local Emergency department. It was well used and enjoyed by many ill persons over the ensuing years.

About two months ago this important piece of equipment malfunctioned and was not repairable. The company that originally manufactured it was defunct and no one could figure out what the actual problem was or what part would be needed to repair it. One thing was certain! It deserved a decent burial.

The TRHC Foundation was approached and quickly agreed to purchase a new one for the department. Much to our delight it arrived two weeks ago and has been in use ever since. Patients who were accustomed to warm blankets were very happy to see the new warmer arrive and were lining up to test drive the blankets.

The total cost of the unit was $8000 which the foundation paid for by raising money at local craft fairs, through sales from the displays at the health center as well as private donations. We would like to thank them for this valuable addition to patient care in our community. They are a small but vital group who consistently work towards improving our local health care facility.