Health, Healing and Bodywork Seminar

Many know alternative healing options to be called holistic, naturopathy or homeopathy as well. On August 12th from noon to 5 pm, the Tumbler Ridge Public Library hosted an array of local people who have home businesses and groups that explore these options.

This project was two years in the making (with coordinator and library manager Michele Burton), according to guest healer, Kalaya Reighland.

Reighland traveled from within British Columbia to bring her Tibetan Singing Bowls. A local resident who is a friend of hers contacted her to be part of the first ?Health, Healing and Bodywork? held in Tumbler Ridge. She had a large variety of metals bowls, chimes and cymbals. ?When Monks enter the monastery, they are given gifts of metal (such as amulet).

Those are then melted down and the monks hand (craft) the bowls.? The variety and age of the bowls changes the harmony and musical tones and throughout the day, Reighland demonstrated the hums of the metals, stateing that the vibration has many benefits to the well being of the body.

Reighland first came to this line of healing, when she attended a wellness demonstration and felt a strong natural affinity to take up this healing practice. While showing people how she makes the Tibetan bowls sing, she picked up one bowl at a time and after striking it with a wooden puja (India), rubbed the outside rim with the puja, which resulted in a vibration harmony. She then went from bowl to bowl of all thickness, sizes and ages.

Among the many tables of services and wares, were some familiar names. Rita?s Reflexology? by Rita Kostaluk, who also does Touch for Health, Thai Massage and Reiki. Kostaluk is also a licensed practical nurse.

?I Believe Cancer is a New Beginning? is a book that author Joyce Stenvall wrote and had published. She is a cancer survivor who promotes such practices as wheat grass growing and juicing and the benefits of their holistic value. Stenvall has offered seminars on this in the past.

Helpful Hypnosis is the business name for hypnotist Charmaine Shirley. Shirley was recently highlighted in the August 9th edition of Tumbler Ridge News and has attained certification to administer hypnosis.

Shannon Fry manned a table for Herbalife, which carries products such as skin care and vitamins.

John Kane was at a table with his wife, to promote edible wares, used primarily as sources of protein. They had an extensive print out available on the many benefits and they were not short on samplers coming by to try the chocolate and other samples.

Representing Hospice and Palliative Care were Ann Jewra and Blaze Bressers.

On their awareness table they had information and library books available on the process of grief, death and dying. Hospice and Palliative Care has been an organization for two and a half years in Tumbler Ridge.

Another table had Touch for Health, orthotics and colon hydrotherapy information and the representatives for that were Evelyn Lumsden and Mary Frizzel.

Local artist and photographer Mila Lansdowne spoke twice throughout the day on the topic of happiness and how to bring about positive thinking in your daily life. She has attendees participate by filling in a wish list of sorts, to help them begin thinking about what priorities they wanted and what direction to go in the start causing the positive to take hold in their lives.