Heidi Raye Appearing live at Grizfest August 1

Heidi Raye brings home the country to this year?s Grizfest, August 1.

Heidi Raye is a 21 year old country singer/songwriter from Dawson Creek, BC.

After Heidi had mastered the skill of talking, she began singing. Entertaining a crowd came as second nature to her at a very young age. She grew up singing in church, and performed her first solo when she was only 3 years old. When she was 5, she began acting in school plays and musicals, and at the age of 6 she began taking piano lessons. At 13 she began learning how to play the guitar and began writing songs.

Singing is not just something Heidi does in her spare time; her life in its entirety revolves around becoming the Country Music Entertainer she knows she can be. Outgoing, friendly, and always with a smile on her face, Heidi manages to get excellent grades in her schooling where she is currently in her third year of the Bachelor of Science in Registered Nursing Degree program.

In December 2008, Heidi returned to Nashville to record her debut album which was produced by Arlo Gilliam from Emerson Drive. The songs were recorded on Music Row with some of the best musicians in the business today to back her up. Heidi?s fans anxiously awaited the release of her debut album, which was released on April 18, 2009.

Heidi has an energetic personality, infectious smile, and is a true entertainer. She is also a very humorous and exciting person to be around. She knows how to entertain a crowd and get them involved with her performances. She is that person that always leaves the crowd in awe and wanting more. She performs her songs from the heart; whether they are a heart felt ballad or a sassy, hand clapping, two stepping song, she believes in her lyrics and makes listeners believe them too.

See Heidi Raye live on the Grizfest stage on August 1 at 1:00 pm.. For more information visit our website at www.grizfest.com or call 250-242-4246.

Visit Heidi?s website at: www.heidiraye.com