Hello North Snow Report

Hi, this is Christine with your Hello North snow report. General snow conditions have improved around the region, so get out there and enjoy winter.

Dawson Creek has received 8-10cm of new snow. There is 37 cm of base on the snowmobile trails, the trails are in excellent condition, lots of fresh powder. The cross- country ski trails have 34cm of base, all trails are also in excellent condition. Bear Mountain is set to open Thursday, February 5th,. For more info on trails in the area check out tourismdawsoncreek.com.

Tumbler Ridge has 10-15cm of new snow. Sledding at conditions at Backmeadows and Bullmoose are EXCELLENT! Quintette/ Roman Mountain and Mt Speiker are very good. Conditions at Core Lodge are good. Super Bowl and the Tumbler Ridge Town Site are OKAY. On the Dawson Creek Trail sledding is good, the trail has been broken. Cross country skiing conditions at the golf course; skating lane is groomed and very good, classic is good, creeks and off trail are very good.

Fort St. John has received some snow, the snowmobile trails are in good condition. Redfern Lake has 1 foot of snow, watch for rough spots. Please use caution when traveling on Charlie Lake, as there are skating rinks, ice ridges, and a race track on the lake. The cross-country ski trails at Lone Wolf have lots of snow and are in excellent condition, trails at Links and Beatton Provincial Park are also in great condition.

Fort Nelson hasn?t received any new snow there is approximately 2 feet on the ground. Trails are groomed and in good condition. Ski conditions at both the golf course and community forest are excellent, grooming will be done for the weekend.

Mackenzie has received 18 inches of snow, sledding conditions are great. Watch for rough parts on the ridges. Trails are groomed from Mackenzie to Morphee Mountain and Powder King to the Bijoux cabin. Drag races are set for February 22.

Whispering Pines Ski Area in Worsley, Alberta has 50 cm of settled snow. Ski conditions are excellent, the hill is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For more info check out skiworsley.com

It?s a good idea to wear layers of clothing so you can add or remove a layer or two to match the changing weather conditions

For more info on how you can enjoy winter go to hellonorth.com

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