Helping Tumbler Eat Healthy – The Good Food Box

Lynsey Kitching


About a month into the Good Food Box project and things are trucking along. Having had their grant approved through the United Way, Work in Progress (WIP) has hired Jaren Rehbein as the coordinator, responsible for organizing pick up day, gathering names and payments.

So what is the Good Food Box?

It is a way for people to make sure they are eating healthy balanced diets, at a reasonable price. This is how it works. Each week, the WIP crew meet at Shop Easy on Thursday to prepare the food boxes and distribute them to the folks who have put in orders.

Inside the food box you will find all the fruits and veggies a family of four needs for a week of meals.

The concept is catching on, and Rehbein says there about 50 people who have started to participate.

“They can order a full box or half box, including some salad veggies, fruit and root vegetables so they can cook. Every week we have a balance and we change what we put in the box every week,” says Rehbein.

The Good Food Box charges $20 for a full box of food and $10 for a half box. Rehbein says, “We get Shop Easy direct prices for the orders. We’ve had some people who have one or two kids, say it is pretty reasonable for them, but we’ve also had some people say they have lots left over so they only go every other week,” she continues, “We are still learning how much we can order, if we order a box of bananas, we don’t know how much is going to come in until we actually order it, so the first four weeks it has been trial and error. Like, we get a weekly box of mushrooms and there is only a small amount in one case, so people only got like three mushrooms, so next time we will order two cases if we are to order mushrooms.”

Rehbein says the group is still, “working out the kinks”.

All the money people put in to the Good Food Box goes directly to ordering food for the week.

So far, all of the food has been ordered directly from Loblaws, and is gets shipped to town on the truck heading to the Shop Easy. “A lot of people are interested in organic so we are looking into that right now. And there might be a way we can get some local food. I’m sure in the summer we can have someone get a whole bunch of fruit from the Okanogan and bring it up. It is something we will have to play with while we go,” says Rehbein.

Then on Thursdays, WIP gets to work assembling the boxes. “At 11:30 a bunch of the kids from the high school come with their buddies and pack up all the boxes. We usually have four pairs of people and their teachers come too. It’s been good, once and a while when they first started we were using bags, so it was hard to see what was in the boxes. There might have been one or two things that might have been shuffled around, but now we have big open boxes and it’s good,” explains Rehbein.

If you are interested in trying the Good Food Box for a week Rehbein asks for people to get on the list by Thursday, to have a box for the following Thursday, as they have to submit their order on Friday. However, Rehbein says, “Usually not everyone has their order in by then, so I usually order a little extra.”

For more information or to place an order call Jaren Rehbein at 257-1237 or Angie Robertson at the college 250-242-5591.

“One of the reasons we are able to do it is because Darryl at the Shop Easy has been so great,” says Rehbein.