Here comes the pencils, here comes the books….

Trent Ernst, Editor


Six more days. Five more days….

Parents are counting down until the first day of school, waiting for that blessed day when the house is empty for six and a half peaceful hours.

Kids are counting the days, too, but for most of them, the first day of school is not quite so exciting.

But back to school is a time when new outfits are bought. Those old shoes that don’t fit quite right anymore are replaced with going to school footwear. Next to Christmas and birthdays, back to school can be a kid’s biggest haul for the season.

While there is a list of items that parents need to buy for the upcoming year, back to school is a time when everyone gets loaded into the car for that big shopping trip.

But back to school shopping doesn’t have to break the bank. Wise parents know that sometimes back to school shopping doesn’t need to happen the last week of August.

Waiting a few weeks into the school year means that stores are ready to clear out their back to school items like lunchboxes and backpacks, to make room for Halloween items, so living a few weeks with last year’s backpack can save you some money.

Some other options to save a bit of money during the back to school shopping season:

Take stock. Last year’s pencil will still write this year. Go through the house and figure out what you actually need and what you already have.

Buy in bulk. Pencils. Paper. Pens. Buy bulk and have a space to store these items. They never go out of style.