Hey Seniors, How About It?

Another Tuesday has come and gone with a number of seniors gathering at the Recreation Centre for a game of floor curling. 16 seniors showed up and had a few laughs and a bit of exercise. This has brought on another possibility that we would like to run past you older folk.

Before we go any further please be assured that we are not trying to compete with or step on the toes of 49 Forever. They have some very interesting and informative meetings as well as their Pot Luck Suppers. We are simply trying to create yet another situation in which we older folks can socialize in a relatively unstructured way.

In the winter we have that beautiful recreation centre sitting with limited daytime use and many elderly folks sitting at home with time hanging heavy on their hands. How about trying a drop-in centre once a week. Every Tuesday afternoon from 1-4 PM we would like to see people drop in to room 5 at the centre. If you have a favorite game you like to play such as cribbage, scrabble, backgammon, chess, whist or snakes and ladders bring it on down and join in. Maybe there will be someone there to play with or maybe you?ll find you want to join in another game.

If we get the support the rec centre will eventually supply the games but we want to test the waters first. These winter weeks become fairly long and, although I?m not suggesting that seniors have nothing to do with their time, I believe we also should get out and join in for the social aspect of it. Sometimes I think we just get tired of knitting, sewing, woodworking or watching TV and require some outside interests.

I realize as well that there are a number of seniors who have no way of getting around in the winter. Perhaps we could eventually arrange for these folks to be picked up should they express an interest in attending.

Please don?t say ?Good luck with that, it?ll never fly? or ?that?s a good idea? then think nothing more about it. If you are at all interested just come on down. The coffee will be on and we may even have some cookies for you. Of course the rec centre fee of $2.00 per person applies but we?ll try and make sure you get your moneys worth of entertainment. Heck, the coffee and cookies alone will be worth that.

I am hearing rumblings about town of trying to get a seniors centre established. As I see it the first step toward that goal is proving there is a need. The more support we get from the senior community at large, the better our chances of succeeding.