High School Students Create Art for the COLDSNAP MUSIC FESTIVAL

Grade 9-12 Art students at Duchess Park High School, Prince George, have spent the last few weeks creating art based on the music that will be playing at the Big Indie (Jan 30) and Smokin Hot (Jan 29) Coldsnap concerts. While listening to the music students recorded their written and visual responses to the music.

They turned their ideas into abstract paintings, body sculptures, dioramas, mixed media collages and CD cover art inspired by the music. The artwork will be displayed at Smokin Hot and the Big Indie.

?Our students really love music and it has been fun to combine music and visual art. It has been interesting to see the visual interpretations of the music, and the different (and similar) ways that each person ?sees?

the music. Some of the students have really enjoyed being introduced to new bands and are looking forward to attending the concerts. We are all looking forward to hearing what the musicians think about the artwork that they have inspired. ? Robyn Beauregaard, Art Teacher

?We are thrilled with the results of these projects and are happy to have the opportunity to show off the work of our very talented students. We are constantly amazed by the talent of our students and looking for ways to get their art out there for people to see. Creating visual art inspired by the other senses is part of the curriculum. Coldsnap seemed like a great way to meet the learning outcomes, have a new avenue for showing student work and introduce our students to some wonderful emerging musicians. We?re hoping that both the concertgoers and the bands enjoy the art as much as the students have enjoyed creating it.? Kathleen Haines, Art Teacher

Student Quotes: ?The art class has had a lot of interesting projects this semester and this last one I found really interesting. The project is inspired by the Fugitives and gives us good opportunities to interpret the music in our own way and make it come out in our artwork.? Anne-Sophie Hansen (an exchange student from Denmark) Age 16

?When first being asked to create artwork inspired by the Fugitives, I was not too thrilled about it. I?m not really the type that listens to ?spoken word? music or new bands. Then as I started on my first painting I got into the whole being inspired idea. Now doing this project I?ve discovered some techniques I didn?t know I could do.? Lael Kirby Age 16

Paulina Nielson (Age 16) describing her life sized sculpture based on the song ?Anna Leigh? by the Sadies: ?She is painted in dreamy colours because she is dreaming about her boyfriend and she forsees him dying. I have portrayed him holding his guitar which is painted black because he died as she foresaw in her dream.?

?When my teacher gave us an assignment dealing with new artists, I didn?t know what to expect. I was very pleased when one of the singers, Rachelle Van Zanten, caught my attention. I actually really like her music. Her song ?Got to Let Go? inspired me to create my diorama.? Emily Browne Age 16

?I found this project gave me a great feel on how to use music as inspiration [for my art]. It also gave me a few new favourite bands. I?m very excited for Coldsnap and to see my classes? art work there. Cheers!? Alison Vogelaar, Age 17

Robyn Beauregard, Art Teacher Duchess Park Secondary

rbeauregard@sd57.bc.ca Coldsnap Music festival Jan 24th – Feb 1st 2009 www.coldsnapfestival.com