High School Students Experience the Seventies

?You?ll be stylin? and profilin?? promised a teacher onstage at the Tumbler Ridge Secondary School (TRSS) event called ?The Learning Fair?. The first of a hopefully annual event focused on life in the 1970?s. The fair took place in the TRSS gymnasium on June 2nd.

It looked as though the young people enjoyed some of the flashback, of course not to admit it. Comments from the audience were memorable, and typically guarded. I think we all remember how uncool it is to let your groovin? self show.

Not so for the entertainers of the day. They pulled out all the stops and had the audience cheering for them and many times laughing to the point of falling from their chairs. The fashion show was quite interesting with special mention to more platforms than seen at an electoral symposium (drum ? ba dum-chhh).

TR Idol took first stage, with the guest judges Randy Jacskon (Mark Deeley), Paula Abdul (Caroline Crispin) and Simon Cowell (Matt Treit). As hoped, Treit?s Simon did not disappoint. What a way for a teacher to get the entire year?s worth of frustration out of his system.

Among the somewhat-forgotten but recognizable trends of the seventies, was a larger-than-life game board and die for Trivial Pursuit, a presentation and samples of Pet Rocks, tie-dye T-shirts custom created for only a dollar and a beautiful red 1971 Ford Gran Torino, owned by Holli Verge.

All in all, it was a fun day for the students and teachers. Several comments heard from the audience were interesting and had an unintentional age-sensitive flare. Said one young man to his buddy, ?I don?t know about the seventies, but I remember the nineties. The nineties were good.?