Highball Riot


Highball Riot is a high energy reggae-rock group based out of Prince George BC. Formed in 2010, Highball Riot continues to grow as a homegrown BC pride.

Blending rock with reggae and fusing it with hip-hop and pop, they are sure to be an all around crowd pleaser with catchy melodies and a driving bass and drums. They are regularly featured on Prince George radio stations, as well as some stations in the Lower Mainland as well.

Highball Riot was nominated as Best Ensemble in the 2012 Prince George Arts & Culture Awards. They have opened for stadium acts such as Juno nominees The Midway State, radio rock gods 54/40, and the legendary Deep Purple, amongst countless other private parties, bar gig, festivals etc.

In 2012, the band released their first EP, which made its way onto the airwaves almost overnight. The title track ‘Sunshine’ gathered the band a generous grant from Telus in 2013, in order to record and produce a music video.

Currently, they are booked to open for 54/40 again this summer and are continuing to write new music, which will hopefully be recorded this summer if they aren’t touring TOO much.