Hiking Down the Highway

Trent Ernst
On Tuesday, December 4, two people, apparently fed up with life in Tumbler Ridge, decided to leave town. On foot. In the middle of a snow storm. 911 was called and a member of the local constabulary went to check on them, but the two adventurous souls refused help, insisting on carrying on their way. 
Tim Croston says he saw the two in near-whiteout conditions at the top of happy face hill. “I am behind a group of five or six vehicles,” says Croston. “The snow is blowing, it’s -20 and all of a sudden out of my peripheral vision I see two people walking along the highway towards Dawson. No way to stop as its downhill and a string of vehicles, so not safe at all to stop.”
Croston thought perhaps they had broken down, though he hadn’t seen a vehicle. “I called 911 and told them, I don’t know their story but they are going to get killed. If a vehicle is moving the opposite direction with all the blowing snow, two way traffic, etc, how could anyone see them?”
The operator told Croston they were aware of the situation, but the people were refusing help. “She said ‘they don’t want to stay in TR.’ I said, ‘well, where  are they going? It’s a hundred kilometres to the nearest town and it’s -20?”
Croston asked why they hadn’t been arrested. “She says, ‘for what?’ I said ‘IF someone is lucky enough to see them, they may swerve into oncoming traffic.’
The two caused some traffic issues along the highway, but no accidents. CRS crews reported that they did not come across the two later that evening, so it sounds like the two finally cooled off enough to be willing to accept a lift, though whether that was back to, or away from Tumbler nobody is sure.