Hill Re-Affirms $1-Billion Commitment to Pine Beetle-Ravaged Communities

OTTAWA ? The Honourable Jay Hill, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River and Chief Government Whip, made the following statement in the House of Commons today:

?Mr. Speaker, British Columbia has been engaged in a devastating battle against the Mountain Pine Beetle since 1993. Throughout that time, I have fought alongside the forest industry and our forestry-dependent communities to stand their ground against the infestation and federal Liberal neglect.

Now that we have formed government, we have swiftly provided that long overdue support.

This new Conservative government has committed to $1-Billion in new federal funding over the next ten years to help BC?s pine beetle-ravaged communities address local priorities associated with the epidemic, diversify their economies, and create new long-term jobs.

Jobs like those the Prince George Airport is striving to create through its expansion and development plans.

We will continue to invest in the scientific research necessary to help manage the aftermath of the infestation and to remain competitive under its threat in the future.

In just eight months, the Conservative government has already put BC?s forest industry on track for a much brighter future.?