Thanks to co-operation between Hillsborough Resources Limited (Hillsborough) and Tumbler Ridge?s Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS), parking lots have been constructed for the Nesbitt?s Knee Falls and Barbour Falls trailheads. These trails were built by WNMS in the late 1990s, but could never be properly marketed and advertised due to the absence of suitable parking (and the consequent danger for parked cars on the access roads which see some industrial traffic).

In 2005, Canfor agreed to move proposed forest cutblocks so as to preserve both the one kilometer-long trails, which are situated a few kilometers apart. The trails are a relatively easy walk, without much elevation change, and provide ideal hiking destinations to these attractive falls. They are situated about halfway between Tumbler Ridge and Kinuseo Falls, and therefore provide a break and a welcome diversion for tourists and residents on their way to Monkman Provincial Park. They are also two of the many attractions on the new Monkman Pass Memorial Trail Driving Tour, and as a result the turnoff (at km 12 on the Murray Forest Service Road) will soon be prominently signposted along with further signage closer to the trailheads.

Hillsborough is looking at developing mines in the area, and the company was informed of these important sites at an early stage of planning and development. From the outset an interest was expressed in helping WNMS with trail development. On 26 July Ed Beswick, Hillsborough?s Director of Environment and Planning, visited the trails with WNMS Secretary Charles Helm, and Vice President Jack McNeill. Together they met with contractor Jim Parrish of Chetwynd Woodlands Inc., who had the necessary equipment close by. Amazingly, by Sunday 30 July, the trailhead parking lots were in place, thanks to Jim?s willingness and expertise.

Thanks to this support from Hillsborough, the result is two more easily accessible waterfall destinations, which will enhance Tumbler Ridge?s claim to be the ?waterfall capital of the north?.