HIRING? New $$$ available to Peace-Liard Region employers

Progressive Employment Services Ltd. is offering the Targeted Wage Subsidies Program in your area. The Targeted Wage Subsidies Program can help you offset the costs of properly training a new employee, making them an asset to your team. We do not charge any fees to the employer or employee for this program.

The Targeted Wage Subsidies program is designed to assist individuals who lack experience, by offering employers an incentive to hire them. Employers benefit by receiving a temporary wage subsidy while their new employee gains experience, and learns important skills, making them a valuable asset to your company.

As an added benefit, we also have a network of Coordinators throughout British Columbia, from the Queen Charlotte Islands to Valemount and the Peace Region, allowing us to look throughout the province for candidates for employment, should we not be able to fulfill your employee requirements locally. We also work closely with Employment Counselors, Government Training Program Representatives and T.R.A.D.E.S. Counselors in this area, helping them with placements in related industries.

Progressive Employment Services Ltd. can offer temporary wage subsidies to your business or non-profit organization if you are willing to hire an eligible person.

Eligible participants are individuals who are presently looking for employment and collecting Employment Insurance, or have collected EI within the last 36 months, or are entering the labour force after having left it to care for newborn or adopted children. These individuals must have a benefit period that began within the last 60 months and included a maternity or parental claim.

The application is easy to complete, processed quickly, and the subsidy is paid to the employer on a monthly basis.

If you are considering hiring additional staff, contact Progressive Employment Services Ltd. ; we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to develop an action plan to reach your staffing goals.

If you have any questions on the program or on filling out the Funding Proposal form, please call Jody Hicks

Targeted Wage Subsidies Coordinator – Peace Region Progressive Employment Services Phone: (250) 262-7468

Fax: (250) 262-0095

Email: jody@pesl.ca

The Caveats, or Small Print ?

?We are looking for employers who sincerely want to help their potential employee gain on the job experience and training, and are willing to take the time to help them gain that experience.

?You must be looking for a person whom you wish to keep full time long term. Minimum of 30 hrs. per week, averaged out, so it could be 20 hrs. one week, 40 the next, as long as the minimum averages out to be 30 hrs. per week

?Here in the Peace Region we also understand the timing of work during the Seasons for the Oil Patch and will work with Patch Employers to find the best solution for utilizing this program.

?Any position within an organization is eligible for this program

?You may hire multiple positions / employees under this program

?Hiring is solely at the discretion of the Employer, you are not forced to take on anyone we recommend.

?No nepotism ? you cannot hire a relative to work directly for you

?Company must provide the CRA and WCB numbers and fill out Funding Proposal and description of each position that they are looking to fill.

?Company cannot be Federal or Provincial Government

?If you have laid off someone in the past, they do not qualify if you rehire them in the same job, however if you rehire the person for a different job, they may qualify.

?If you interview a person you think you may want to hire, ask them if they meet the eligibility factors (are presently on EI, or were on EI sometime in the last 36 months, or on parental leave EI sometime in the last 60 months) in this case, call me and we will set them up with an Employment Counselor who will recommend them for the program.

?You must apply and complete this process BEFORE the person starts working for you. The process can be completed within 1-2 days.

?The potential employee cannot be going directly into an apprenticeship program, although many employers like to see how someone will work out before setting them up in an apprenticeship, and for most apprenticeships the hours worked during the time the wage is subsidized will still count towards their apprenticeship once started.

?The TWS program pays up to 50% of wages to a maximum subsidy of $8.00/per hour, so that wage would be $16./per hour, you can pay them more, just the subsidy will not go beyond $8./per hour. If you pay them $10./hr, then the subsidy would be $5./per hour, etc.

?Depending upon the job position and experience the person will gain, they are eligible for the program for up to 6 months, the length of time will be determined by the TWS Coordinator?s assessment of the employee?s needs.

?If the employee does not work out, you are not obliged to keep them on for the duration of the program, if this happens, let us know why so we can possibly help you find someone who may be more suitable.

?If the employee does not work out, you are NOT required to pay back any funding $$ for the time they worked for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Targeted Wage Subsidies Program, please contact me at the number below.

Jody Hicks

Targeted Wage Subsidies Coordinator – Peace Region

Progressive Employment Services