Holiday Decorating Tips

Most people love the holiday season. Whether it?s the joy of looking for and giving that perfect gift or the notion of feeling like an excited kid again, the holiday season offers an abundance of reasons to get an extra hop in your step. But as most adults can attest, the holiday season also equals lots of extra work in what seems like a lot less time.

One of the most trying projects of the holiday season is decorating your home. Depending on the type of dwelling you call home, this can either take a few minutes or a few days. Either way, it?s a process most people find worthwhile thanks to the end result, which is often a festive home befitting a season of celebration. For those looking to make their homes as joyous looking as possible and spare their wallet an extra hit this holiday season, the following tips should help you accomplish both of those goals.

* Choose a theme. One of the best things about the holiday season is that it comes with so many traditions, meaning there are lots of potential decorating themes out there for you to choose from. In addition, choosing a theme allows you to pull the decorating together more easily instead of going over the top trying to cover all of the possible holiday bases, which can prove time consuming and costly. Popular themes are winter wonderlands, snowmen, Nativity scenes, etc.

* Make your own decorations. Parents love adorning their walls with decorations made by their children. But even those without children can save a few dollars by making some of their own decorations. For instance, in lieu of expensive jarred candles from specialty stores, less expensive candles can be purchased from grocery stores and placed into empty jars you might have around the house, such as a recently emptied (and cleaned, of course) mayonnaise jar. Make sure the jar is glass and not plastic, as plastic will easily melt and create a fire hazard. If you have children or if you have nieces or nephews, invite them over to paint the jars or make other decorations.

Other homemade decorations can include wreaths (which can be quite costly otherwise) and tree ornaments, which can be collected over the years and reflected upon as the years pass.

* Wrap the walls. Most have heard the classic holiday tune ?Deck the Halls,? but a unique and inexpensive decorating technique can be wrapping the walls. Wrap pictures, mirrors, or even paintings in holiday-colored gift wrap to create a more festive mood. This can be done throughout the house if you so choose, or just in the areas such as the foyer or dining room where you?ll be hosting guests.

* Build a snowman. Few things evoke the holiday spirit more than a snowman. If you?re fortunate enough to have a white Christmas, grab the kids and head outside to build a snowman. This will be fun for you and the kids and also won?t cost a dime.