Home Routes Concert Series Adds Tumbler Ridge

Corinna Rose was one of the artists who made the Home Routes circuit through BC last year.

Corinna Rose was one of the artists who made the Home Routes circuit through BC last year.

If you love Live Music then prepare for a treat this coming Fall2016/Winter2017! The Tumbler Ridge Arts Council is pleased to announce that Tumbler Ridge has officially been added to the Home Routes/ Chemin Chez Nous Concert Series circuit for 2016/2017.

Starting this fall a series of six concerts will be presented in our beautiful town. These concerts will feature performing artists from all across Canada, ranging from newer musicians to well-established award winning acts.

This year marks the tenth Anniversary of Home Routes (officially called Home Routes/ Chemin Chez Nous). But what exactly is Home Routes all about, you say? Home Routes was started in 2007 as a non-profit arts organization and according to their website their mandate is to “…expand the performance infrastructure for folk music including the development of house concert circuits, urban folk clubs, traveling folk shows and the animation of new folk festivals.”

One of their priorities has been to establish house concert circuits (mostly in smaller rural communities) across our vast nation to bring increased access to professional quality musical performances. These house concert circuits are made up of a wide variety of traditional and contemporary music ranging in style from Celtic, Irish, Blues and World to Bluegrass, Old-Time, Cajun, Canadian, American and pretty much anything else that fits in between. Because of this, concertgoers are afforded the opportunity to attend a wide range of events all in their own (sometimes small!) towns.

Last year Home Routes/ Chemin Chez Nous was able to present 14 circuits (11 Anglophone, two Francophone and one Classical) with more than 23,000 people in attendance. This is an incredible feat which would not be possible without the countless volunteers and supporters who help to make these shows happen. Home Routes helps artists to overcome the prohibitive costs of touring and travelling across the country through their innovative touring model. The musicians pay for their travel costs, host communities provide dinner and a place to stay and the ticket sales from the show go directly to the performers allowing them to make a living wage while sharing their music with new audiences. This model is a win-win for the communities and the musicians alike.

This is where you come in! The Tumbler Ridge Arts Council is looking for people to provide billeting for the musical acts that we will be hosting. We are very excited to have been accepted as hosts and need your help to fulfill our hosting obligations.

Please contact Lydia Hibbing with the Tumbler Ridge Arts Council if you can provide a billet (supper and a bed to sleep in) or if you would like to be a part of the committee in charge of hosting. The Tumbler Ridge Arts Council is on Facebook or you can email them at: tr_artscouncil@yahoo.ca . For more information on Home Routes please visit www.homeroutes.ca.

Stay tuned for more information on Home Routes/Chemin Chez Nous in Tumbler Ridge, who will be performing this year and how you can get a ticket!