Hope Blooms again in Tumbler Ridge


April 6–13 is National Victims of Crime Awareness Week (NVCAW), and, for the second year in a row, Hope Bloom kits will be handed out to promote awareness.

NVCAW is about learning, sharing and inspiring, says local police based councillor Jo Anna McBain, and in commemoration of this event, the “Hope Blooms” project idea was submitted to the Dept of Justice Canada with a request for grant funding.

The Hope Blooms kits will include a flower bulb, a package of soil and a Hope Blooms brochure, all placed in a terra-cotta flower pot. The brochure will include the sentiment of the Hope Blooms project:

“Like a flower bulb that’s buried deep in darkness striving to move beyond it’s environment… From that dark and cold place it breaks through the soil and into the light. With the right elements in place: soil, water, and light, it can bloom. There is help. There are options. There is hope…. And Hope Blooms. We all have a role.”

Also within the “Hope Blooms” brochure will be a listing of many service providers in each community, what they do and how to contact them. “We want to raise awareness of help available, and empower people with options,” says Mcbain. Councillors in Tumbler Ridge, Chetwynd and Dawson Creek will all participate in connecting with the general public in this project.

“If we look at the symbolism of this project, we see that not only does it identify the impact of victimization ( the bulb being in a dark, cold place), but also identifies needs ( water, soil, light) relates to the needs of victims: crisis intervention, support, information,” says Mcbain. “This project also provides us with an fantastic opportunity to speak with the general public, one on one, and provide them with both verbal and hard-copy information as to legislation, and available services in the community, thus raising awareness and increasing knowledge.”

For more information, contact Jo Anna Mcbain at 250-242-5252