Hoppy Easter!

Trent Ernst, Editor


It was the second year in a row without snow for the Lion’s Easter Egg Hunt, held on the Tumbler Ridge Elementary School grounds.

While not quite the sunburn weather of last year’s event, it was nice enough.

Over a hundred pounds of chocolate was distributed around the school, which was found (and probably mostly consumed) in moments once the signal was given to go forth and find.

Alongside the egg hunt were a number of events, which are also becoming part of the annual festivities, from an egg toss, to egg bowling to tug-of-war to something new for the year: rides upon the Easter Donkey; Larry and Chrys White’s long-suffering ass, who has suffered the indignity of being painted for community events in this past. This time, she was dressed in a cottontail (she brought her own bunny ears) and gave rides around the field to the young kids.

Once again, Jeff Cooper, dressed as Willy Wonka was the master of ceremonies for the day. Cooper says that in the past there’s been some trouble with people bringing their dogs along, but this year he thanks everyone for leaving their pets at home. He also thanks the local Filipino community for pitching in, and all the volunteers.

Cooper says this was a difficult time for a lot of people, and he was impressed with how the community “came together to console each other. It wasn’t just for the kids, and there was a lot of support for each other shown there.”

A moment of sadness marked the day, as Kareana Jensen gave her last Zippy Bam Zambo show before heading back to Australia.