Horse Logging Peace Country Style

Horse logging in this area isn?t that unusual but it?s rather unusual to see a woman in the forest skidding logs with Percheron horses. Mary Risavi has had a lifelong interest in horses and even owned her own horse for years, but when she met local Peace Country rancher/entrepreneur Darren Wetherill (Horse Wizardry) her interest moved to a new level.

Mary was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and worked there in retail sales. She met Darren last summer in Boulder, Colorado. Wetherill has published multiple books and videos on how to train and trim horses and is an expert horsemanship instructor and farrier. Their meeting led to Darren teaching Mary the trade of horse logging, and she is fast becoming excellent in this area.

As the picture implies, Mary rides into the timber area, hooks the log to the horse and rides out to an area where the front-end loader takes over. ?There are other women skidders,? says local Horse Logger Harry Prosser (2 Horse Power Logging), ?but not many. It is very physically demanding.? Mary has been using Jon Jon to skid the logs. Many will recognize Jon Jon from local parades and fund raising events where he is used to pull the wagon. Jon Jon is owned by 2 Horse Power Logging.

What does this Colorado girl think of Tumbler Ridge? ?It is wonderful to be living in the wilderness. This town is surrounded by the tranquility of nature. I was so excited to see my first moose and wolf near Tumbler!? says Mary. ?The people are extra friendly and sincere. I really enjoy how quiet and peaceful it is here. It?s a big change from the bumper-to-bumper traffic in Denver.?

?The residents of Tumbler Ridge are fortunate to have such a picturesque setting and lifestyle,? says Mary.

Mary is currently training in the use and care of draft horses and plans to further her career with horses back in Colorado. She is also writing a book about her experience horse logging here in Tumbler.

Mary and Darren have started a horsemanship business together. You can find out more at