Hospice House opens its doors

The long awaited Hospice is now open at #4 Chamberlain Place in the lower bench in Tumbler Ridge An Open House is held each week on (unless occupied) Wednesdays and Saturdays 1-4 P.M., or by appointment.

? TELEPHONE: House @ 242-5878

? Doug Foerster, President


? Florence Stirling, V.P. @242-5831

? Evelyn Lumsden, Director, Volunteer Co-ordination; @242-0036

? Mary Buist, Director, Hospice House coordinator @ 242-3341

For information as to specific uses, or Society information, please call one of the above persons or attend at the House.

This Facility is made possible through the consideration of the many donors, in particular the valued assistance of our Town Council, B.C. Housing Corporation, Northern Health, and your Society Volunteers.

Please Note! This Unit is NOT restricted to Palliative Clients, however they, and their Family Units, receive priority when requested.

Please see, or talk to, your Health Care professional for added information as to Grief Support presented by the Society as well as Volunteer attendance.