Hourglass Road scheduled to perform

You might be asking yourself who Hourglass Road is. This is a brand new local band that was formed following the arrival of TR newcomer Ryan Murray. Murray is an experienced guitarist, pleasingly talented in a variety of musical tastes. Joining him are Brian Bray, also on guitar and Dave Pipe on drums. All three seem very pumped about their union and are getting bookings to entertain locally and regionally.

Murray says with great enthusiasm, ?These guys have so much raw talent.? Modestly declining any praise for his talents, he adds, ?The guys give so much of themselves, they make me sound good.?

Ryan and his wife Ina come from Yellowknife, NWT. Murray is not new to bands, having been in several bands including: The Ryan Murray Quartet, Brass Monkey Jazz Band, Spiller Road, and Free Fall, just to name a few. Brass Monkey Jazz Band has performed at the Yellowknife summer festival ?FOLK ON THE ROCKS?. This year, he accompanied Krista Buck at Grizfest, along with Brian Bray. Murray is currently offering guitar lessons at The Caboose.

Brian Bray is well known around town as the founder of Java Jive ?Coffee House Series? and serving as president of TRUMP (Tumbler Ridge Musicians & Performers) and Vice President of TRCAC. Bray has also been in many bands over the years, spanning from Ontario to Tumbler Ridge. Bray generously appears at many events, where his love of music is clearly evident. Brian also offers guitar lessons and can be contacted at 242-4333.

Dave Pipe has returned to TR after having left in 2002 to study Sound Technology at the International Academy of Technology in Toronto. Pipe plays guitar as well as drums and prefers to accompany the musicians in a laid back style, which complements them rather than drowning them out. He is very generous with this choice. Pipe, a former student of NLC, has produced and edited a promotional video, as well as providing a guitar track for ?From Cave to Classroom? about Adult Basic Education. It will be available for viewing in the near future on the NLC website www.nlc.bc.ca

So this Halloween, come in costume and howl with the band! Tickets are $10 each and available at the Community Centre front desk. The dance will be in room 5, October 30th, doors open at 8:00 pm. There will be a bar service provided by Sheila?s Place and lots of great music to dance to. To book or contact Hourglass Road, please call Ryan Murray at 242-5718.

Last year, a Halloween dance hosted by TRUMP was held at the Community Centre featuring the good folks who put on the Java Jive Coffee Houses. This is a monthly event that showcases local musicians and vocalists of all walks. If you are interested in joining them onstage, please call Brian Bray at 242-4333 or Erin Hanna at 242-3364. Please visit the TRCAC website: www.geocities.com/tr_artscouncil