How Can I Become Wealthy? Let Me Count The Ways

1.Most [90%] professionally managed mutual funds under-perform their benchmark index over 5 years! Why buy them?

2.Most managed mutual funds charge exorbitant management fees! Those dollars are coming straight out of your retirement lifestyle.

3.So-called ?safe? or ?conservative? investments could take 20-50 years to double in value after taxes and inflation are factored in. Many actually lose money (value) over time. That?s a very high risk of retiring poor or broke!

4.Most of the ?big money? is made in private companies as they go public. Once that company is on the stock market most of the Big Money has been made. So they sell their shares to you or to your mutual fund manager.

5.There are tough rules against the ?little guy? getting in on the Big Money. These ?accredited investor? rules actually prevent you from buying into many of these private companies unless you are already very rich!

6.Joint -Venture opportunities [known as ?farm-outs? in the oil patch] allow you to invest with these companies in return for a fair slice of any future profits* [these can be very significant]. The trick is to find the good ones and pass on the bad. You need a good advisor who knows the difference!!

7.There are plenty of ways to virtually eliminate your income tax bill now and forever. Most Canadians either don?t know about them, don?t understand them, or don?t believe in them. Regardless, they DO exist.

8.It takes money to make money but it takes knowledge to get wealthy.

9.Canadians work hard for their money. It is their sole responsibility to ensure that every option is considered before sending that big cheque to Ottawa.

So What CAN You Do? Call me to discuss alternatives.

It?s Your Life… It?s Your Money… How Do YOU Want To Spend It?


Al Durand


Tax Strategies

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This is for educational purposes only. This is not intended as a solicitation for investment in securities. Please consult your advisor before investing. Rates of return are not indicative of future performance. I specifically deny any responsibility for any loses associated with any decisions made based on this article.