Hunter Calls Liberal Comment Irresponsible

NDP candidate Michael Hunter said that recent Liberal comments about the sponsorship program are irresponsible. Referring to the scandal local candidate Arleene Thorpe was quoted as saying; ?I think it?s a good thing this problem has happened, because what they?ll do is put things in place to keep it from happening again?

Speaking from Tumbler Ridge, Hunter said that Thorpe owes Canadian taxpayers an apology. ?It is a reckless and irresponsible comment,? Hunter said, ?and proves that the Liberal party still does not understand the importance of spending taxpayer money wisely to begin with. One wonders just how many times she is prepared to waste 100 million dollars to learn a lesson at the taxpayer?s expense.?

Hunter then took aim at the Liberal candidate?s comments about fixing the problem. ?It?s clear that Ms. Thorpe does not expect to play a significant role in the House of Commons?, he said. ?All the talk was about how she expects the cabinet to fix the sponsorship mess, not about how she will be involved. The last thing that people in Prince George ? Peace River need is another MP who doesn?t do anything. We already have one of those, and it is a big reason why so many people are now deciding to support Michael Hunter. I intend to lead by example, not watch from the back benches or whine from the sidelines.?

Hunter secured the nomination on March 20 at a meeting in Tumbler Ridge, which included a live conference call from Jack Layton. The federal NDP leader was in Vancouver to attend a rally and reworked his schedule to include a conversation with the newest member of his team.

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