Hunter Campaign Gaining Steam

Michael Hunter says that dozens of people from other political parties continue to join his campaign to seek the NDP nomination for the federal riding of Prince George ? Peace River. ?Canadians want a quality public healthcare system,? he says. ?They know that fiscal conservatives like Jay Hill and Paul Martin want to privatize healthcare, and that their best option is to go with a candidate like myself who supports proper funding for medical and senior care programs. We?ve been taking calls and bringing them on board for weeks now.?

Recent talk of putting off a federal election does not bother this candidate hopeful. ?A spring election means we get to debate Jay (Hill) before he and the conservatives establish a single national policy. A fall election means we get five more months to meet people. It is a no lose situation for us.?

A revised schedule has Hunter speaking at the Dawson Creek Senior Citizen?s Hall on Wednesday, February 25th at 7 PM.

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Michael Hunter