Hunter Pans Stronach Investment Plan

Michael Hunter, who is seeking the federal nomination for the NDP in riding of Prince George Peace River, is less than impressed with Belinda Stronach?s plan for workers to buy up company stock in lieu of wages and benefits. Hunter feels the idea could only have come from someone, ?completely out of touch with Canadian workers?.

?First of all?, Hunter points out, ?people do not have the extra income to invest thanks to people like Stronach who have made their money at the expense of Canadian workers. Second, why would Canadians want to put their pensions and retirement money in the hands of multinational corporate executives who couldn?t care less about you, or what they invest in.?

Hunter says that what Canadian workers really need is ?an honest day?s pay for an honest day?s work. That will create disposable income, which will help drive and develop our economy. It?s just simple economics. I?m surprised she doesn?t understand that.?

The NDP has selected March 20th as the nomination meeting date for Prince George ? Peace River. The event will take place in Tumble Ridge, Hunter?s hometown.


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