Hunter Says NDP Offer Only Real Alternative

Federal NDP candidate Michael Hunter said that there is little difference between the Liberals and Conservatives leading in to the next election. ?Seven years ago the federal Liberals stopped providing financial assistance for Canadian women and children in greatest need,? he said. ?The Conservatives supported those cuts and haven?t raised the issue since then. It just goes to show how much these two parties are alike.?

Hunter made the observation at a rally to restore funding for women?s organizations on Wednesday, March 31 in Fort St. John. He went on to say that the similarities are a good reason for people to support the NDP in the next federal election.

?We need to send New Democratic MPs to Ottawa to shake things up and get our priorities straightened out. It is clear that the Conservatives are not up to the task. After ten years they have had a fair chance, now it?s our turn. That?s okay? he continued, ?positive change is a good thing.?

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