HYDRECS Fund is now accepting applications from registered charities

PROVINCE WIDE- The BC Hydro Employees’ Community Services Fund (HYDRECS) is looking to support British Columbia based registered charities in the health and social service sector for its annual “Special Projects” Campaign.

HYDRECS’ Special Project Campaign runs between September and December of each year. Five agencies – one provincial and four regional – are selected for HYDRECS to support in their capital fundraising efforts. Employees and retirees have the option of donating to the Special Project agencies, or any registered charity of their choice. Application deadline date is March 1, 2004.

Over 800 charities throughout the province and beyond have felt the monetary and volunteer contributions made by the employees and retirees of BC Hydro through the HYDRECS fund. HYDRECS’ 2004 Campaign exceeded its $700,000.00 target, raising $808,280.96.

The HYDRECS Fund is now accepting applications. The HYDRECS Committee is currently looking to support registered charities offering unique and exciting capital projects and that can provide community-partnering opportunities with HYDRECS.

Special Project criteria:

The Provincial Project must be provincial in scope and of a capital nature.

Capital funding up to $125,000.

The Regional Projects will reside in each of the four regions – Capital funding up to $40,000 in the Lower Mainland, and up to $12,000 on Vancouver Island, the South Interior, and in the North. (Dollar amount based on employee population).

For further information on applications for funding through the HYDRECS Fund, or any other HYDRECS initiatives, visit www.bchydro.com under Communities heading.