I resolve to make goals…and maybe I’ll reach them.

Roxanne Braam


With the new year looming ever closer, I’ve been thinking about resolutions…or as I prefer to call them, goals.

To resolve to do something is a pretty strong statement. It suggests that you WILL do something. And like the throngs of people who make their way to the gym in January, by February most will have fallen off the band wagon and become overwrought with guilt for having failed.

A goal, on the other hand, is something you would like to achieve. It is the end point of a journey that you would like to take. And the journey can be as long as you need it to be.

Fitness goals are well and good…but like many other people, I make a lot of fitness promises to myself. With some I succeed, and with others I still struggle. A few years ago I decided that fitness goals are not something I want to be making as a once a year decision.

This year, my goals are simple.

  1. Cut dairy from my diet. It does more harm than good as far as I’m concerned. (feel free to disagree)
  2. Learn to play the cello. I’ve already bought an electric one along with some instructional books. Now to put them to practice.
  3. Paint more.

Goal number one will likely be the easiest. As much as I adore cheese, milk products aren’t something I’m overly attached to. I’ll likely make exceptions for ice cream on hot summer days, but even then, popsicles are very delicious. It can be argued that this is technically a fitness goal…but I’ll just ignore that argument.

I’m halfway there on number two. Like I mentioned, I already own the equipment needed to play my instrument. It is simply a matter of sitting myself down and learning. Though I suppose I should get around to ordering a new a string since I’ve already managed to break one…

Number three is dependant entirely on my mood. As much as I would like to paint more, I have to rely on the mood striking me. This means that I have to put myself in positions that will bombard me with inspiration. Truth is, I find it far too easy to ignore the world around me and get sucked into a fan fiction vortex.

Of course there are a lot of other things I’d like to achieve at some point in my life. But if I were to list every single one it would be pretty overwhelming.

Whether or not I succeed in the coming year with these goals, I will rest easy. Because there are far better things for me to worry over than whether or not I lost x number of pounds or learned to play Mozart flawlessly. Passions can morph and goals can change. In the end, happiness isn’t some magical formula. It’s just a random combination of things that bring you joy.