Doug MacDonald, North Central Regional Coordinator, Loss Prevention of ICBC was in town Wednesday to talk to the Tumbler Ridge Umbrella Committee (TRUC) about ICBC?s new PARTY (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth) program. This program started in Toronto in the early nineties. The northern British Columbia pilot took place in Prince George in 1998. The pilot was hugely successful.

This program targets grade 10 students because they are just getting their drivers licence and many begin to make tough decisions. The program takes place in three stages. First the Pre-PARTY stage which consists of a video and introduction to the program. This stage also screens out students who have lost loved ones or been involved in a drug or alcohol related accident , these students could be sensitive to some aspects of the program. The PARTY stage is a full day of presentations, activities, and even a tour of the morgue. Lastly, the Post-PARTY stage allows students an opportunity to talk about what they got out of the presentation.

The provincial program kick off takes place on March 15. Students from Tumbler Ridge will likely be bussed to Dawson Creek to participate in the middle stage, which is also the main portion of this program.