Idol Hopefuls Now Have A Home Of Their Own

Girls and boys around the world dream about being their country?s next ?Idol? by participating in the successful reality television series created by Fremantle Media. Thousands turn out for auditions, but only a few are selected to move on to further rounds of the competition. Some are rejected because of an obvious lack of talent, others are rejected by show producers for a multitude of other reasons. Not everyone that was sent home deserved to be overlooked, yet, those who are feel that their dreams have hit a dead end and their chance for a career in the music industry is over.

Now Idol hopefuls can audition to the whole world, without ever leaving their home, by creating a free showcase at This recently launched web site allows hopefuls to instantly share their talent with the world, twenty-four hours a day, without ever paying a fee of any kind. Idol hopefuls receive feedback from their peers, industry professionals and the public at large. Hopefuls can change their photos and sound files as often as they wish, and are free to post their contact information if they so choose. Viewers worldwide have free access to listen to, view, rate and leave their comments. The site also provides common sense advice, official Idol links, a forum and links to useful tools and other related Idol sites.

The site is a labor of love by Will Lewis (former road manager for a Los Angeles rock band) and Cathie Roney (web designer) from Prince George, B.C., Canada. She wanted to provide potential stars with the opportunity to be seen, heard and rated without spending any money. ?So many really talented people, who either can not make it to Idol auditions, or are overlooked in the Idol audition process, deserve an alternative way to show the world how good they are,? says Lewis. ? gives them that opportunity, and does so without charging them a fee of any kind. Our staff firmly believe in promoting talent without taking advantage of people?. Ms. Roney states, ?While the site is up and functional, many of the features will be enhanced with new ones added in the coming months, such as allowing hopefuls to upload video files to their showcases. Our site gives everyone an equal opportunity to be seen and heard. All they need is a computer, a microphone, a few photos and the courage to follow their dream.?

Launched September 10th, 2005, www.iamthenext is now available for Idol hopefuls to audition their talent to the world.

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