In the Quiet

In the quiet of the morning the days first light spills out over the mountain top

Pushed by the wind, streaming through the trees and bringing clarity of eye

Each faction of a moment brings brilliance and wonder held without description by word

A million rainbows form from the billion ice crystals swirling in the winter sky

In the quiet of the morning the thoughts are soft in their nature and gentle in their tone

Rainbows emanate from the branches now covered in hoar frost and dance in front of you

No being of sentience can turn away; none can resist the smile which results

A sense of calm unfolds as the beauty of the morning follows the hard night before

In the quiet of the morning our childlike innocence is undamaged by the actions of the day

The snow covers the ground in a sparkling white blanket which belies it unforgiving creation

The scars and injustices on the ground are covered with a layer of virgin white now revealed

Senses are aroused and each second brings a new series of images now committed to memory

In the quiet of the morning past injustices are forgiven and the love of each new day prevails

The blue sky brings sharp relief to the mountains, their cliffs and steep angles framed by blue

One stands alone at the start of a new adventure that is to be the experience of a single day

Expectations are boundless and reflect the countless diamonds overwhelming the senses

In the quiet of the morning the grace of our lives is open for us to take in as we please

One seeks their purpose basking in the sun?s pure light and is humbled with understanding

The soul is opened by the brilliance of nature and one cannot find fault with the image ahead

The sun plays its dominant role and locks away the blackness of night, banishing its presence

In the quiet of the morning light replaces the darkness and life springs up with the dawn

In the quiet of the morning you are bathed in nature?s splendour give thanks for all before you

In the quiet of the morning hope rises with each illuminating flash and joy is found

In the quiet of the morning

–Michael Hunter