Inaugural address from Tumbler’s new mayor

Don McPherson


I am honored today to become the mayor of Tumbler Ridge. I have a passion for this town and a passion for this job.

I would like to thank mayor Wren and the previous council for their many accomplished over the last three years.

I am excited with the council that the people of Tumbler Ridge have chosen to lead our community for the next four years. Our personalities and backgrounds will lead to some interesting discussions. We all have the same goal in mind though we may have different ideas on how to get there.

A mutual respect for each other is a must.

This is our mission statement:

Council is committed to excellence in Government that reflects our citizen’s interest, values and goals. We will strive to deliver quality public services in a proactive and responsible manner while ensuring our objectives are clearly communicated to our citizens. We will strive to strengthen and diversify our economy by balancing public safety, industrial development, environmental responsibility and sustainability.

A lot of thought was put into this statement.

To insure it covers everything we want to accomplish over the next four years, it will be reviewed at our strategic planning meeting.

With our up and down economy we are now in a down.

If we aren’t at the bottom, we can sure see it. We face many challenges, but we also have many opportunities.

We can no long take a back seat to development. We have to reach out and help our future industry and business partners. We must work with our First Nations neighbours and develop a strong relationship with them.

I have recently been asked what we would like to be remembered for at the end of our term.

I would like Tumbler Ridge to be a self-sufficient community. A place where people will choose to come to live, work and play and not have to wonder when the next down turn will hit.

I am confident we will accomplish this.

Thank you.