Information for Dog Breeders

Thinking of taking that first step into the world of dog breeding? “Be careful,” says Jeff Grognet, a practicing veterinarian and author of a new online course for dog breeders. “Animal shelters are overrun with unwanted dogs produced by well-intentioned, yet misguided, breeders.”

Grognet’s course, “Canine Reproduction for Breeders,” is hailed as the definitive guide to a successful breeding program for both established and first-time dog breeders. “People do extensive research about breeds and breeders before they purchase a puppy,” Grognet said. “To meet the demands of potential clients, you must be well-versed in the complexities of canine

reproduction, and fully educated to deal with the challenges.”

Grognet’s class will provide you with the information you need to both improve the reproductive health of your breeding dogs and to know when and whether to breed them. “The first step in choosing superior dogs for breeding is to screen them for inherited diseases,” Grognet said. “Both

males and females should then be evaluated for breeding ability. Infertility is a real concern for our canine friends.”

You’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of natural and artificial breeding, and you’ll be able to assess and select your breeding lines. Grognet also walks you through every step of the birthing process. You’ll understand how to confirm pregnancy; how to care for your dog during

that delicate time, when to call for help during birthing; and how to meet the needs of both moms and their pups after whelping.

“Birthing day can be as stressful for you as a breeder as for the dog herself,” Grognet claimed. “By understanding the normal events at whelping, you will know when to intercede and when to seek professional assistance.”

Your challenge doesn’t end with the birth of live pups. “Moms can be struck by a number of postpartum conditions that demand your attention,” said Grognet. “Puppies also need fastidious attention to ensure they reach weaning in good health.”

“My course will leave you very well-prepared to succeed as a breeder,” said Grognet. “I’ve filled it with practical information you can put to immediate use, and I tried to use plain language that will be easy even for an absolute novice to understand.”

Grognet emphasized that his course is not a tutorial. “My online classroom is a highly interactive and dynamic,” he said. “The course discussion areas are filled with people who are all interested in the same thing: responsible and sound breeding practices. I really enjoy watching my students interact and form friendships with one another. And I am always available to answer any questions that come up.”

“Canine Reproduction for Breeders” can be taken entirely over the Internet, from the convenience of your home or office, and at any time of the day or night. For more information about these courses–part of a growing catalog of more than 200 other instructor-facilitated online courses–contact Northern Lights College at 242-5591.