International Womens Day in Tumbler Ridge

What does a generation really change? Lets take a quick look. My Mom was born in 1910 and Dad in 1911.What was happening then? In 1911 more than one million women and men attended rallies campaigning womens right to WORK, VOTE, BE TRAINED, HOLD PUBLIC OFFICE and END DISCRIMINATION of women.

One of the first recorded events associated with International Womens Day (IWD) occurred in 1908 in New York with a march of 1500 women for shorter hours, equal pay and voting rights.

In 1909, the first National Womens Day was recognized in the United States on Feb 28th .Since it?s humble beginnings, IWD has grown to become a global day of recognition and celebration.

In 1975 the United Nations designated ?International Womens Year?

Around the world , March 8th ,

celebrates the achievements of women while mindful of the continued necessity of vigilance and action , required to ensure that women?s equality is gained, retained and maintained, In ALL aspects of life.

One event that was fought long and hard to obtain, by women was the right to vote. In Tumbler Ridge March 8th not only marks I.W.D but also an election day.

Five feisty ladies , know as ?The Famous Five? are attributed to the suffrage movement and the success in obtaining women?s right to vote.

That day came in British Columbia April 5th ,1917 , when an ?Act to Amend The Provincial Elections Act ? (Statutes of B.C. 1917 c23) was implemented. It would be another year, before the Federal vote was obtained. This on May 24 , 1918.

Women did become persons, under the law until then.

A statue in Ottawa, an exact replica to the one in Calgary , sits proudly on Capital Hill, a constant reminder of the struggle and fight our mothers endured.

We are celebrating IDW in Tumbler Ridge by resurrecting an event we once held as Womens Day

March 8 in Tumbler Ridge will be a day filled with fun for all ages.

Registration forms are available at the Community Centre front desk, or through Rose at, TR OUTREACH: 242-1577,

Affordable for everyone at $5.00 or $8.00 if you want to partake in the pool event. Open to ages 16 to 108!

See the advertisement for a full list of what is planned.

A special thanks to the Community Centre. Without their support this event could not happen. Also TR NEWS and All the presenters for their generous support and enthusiasm.

As I am certain , continued support will be coming in, following the printing of this article, all will be recognized following the event.

This will be a fun filled day , with something for everyone. Mothers and daughters, sisters , friends , old ones and a chance to make new ones. Explore the community centre and all that it has to offer. Try something new !! It is election day , as we have noted. Remember your ID, and the efforts of Nellie McClug and the famous five.

I close with this thought:

?What has been fought for us to obtain , becomes our obligation to maintain .?