Happiness on the Internet: An Overload of Cuteness

By Roxanne Braam
The internet is not too different from the real world. There is some pretty awful stuff out there and plenty of sources out there to warn against the bad stuff. This isn’t going to be one of those sources. I want to focus on the stuff that makes you smile.

One website that I recently began to re-frequent is called ‘Cute Overload :D’. It is a collection of images and videos of animals being, as the name would suggest, cute. There are the typical cute shots of kittens and puppies, and then there are the animals that most people would not consider cute such as bats, frogs, and snails.

It’s one of those sites that can really perk you up first thing in the morning when you aren’t feeling too great about the world. Something about baby animals (and sometimes not so baby animals) puts the world into perspective for me. Yes, there are terrible things, but there is also a whole world that has no idea about the conflicts of the human race.

So if you feel like you could use a little pick-me-up, or just love oogling animals being themselves, check out www.cuteoverload.com.