Introducing Chamber of Commerce manager Tera Olenick

The Chamber of Commerce has hired a new Manager. Tera Olenick, who moved here from Fort St. John, was hired recently for the position. Deciding to move here after a weekend visit to Tumbler Ridge, Olenick has found herself a ?new and challenging? position with the Chamber of Commerce.

?Tumbler Ridge is a nice, small community?, said Olenick. A perfect place to raise a family. Originally from Vancouver, Olenick says she misses the city when it comes to missing friends and family, but she does not miss it for her eleven year old son. She feels Tumbler Ridge will allow her to focus on what?s best for her family, and she is excited for all the new experiences her son will have in a small community.

Holding the position as Chamber of Commerce Manager is a completely new experience for her. Olenick says her new job is very challenging. As a person who loves a challenge, the two are a perfect fit. Being new to the community, Olenick feels being the Manager will help her ease the minds of new Tumbler Ridge residents as she understands what they are experiencing. She is also eager to apply feedback she has received from the community to her new position.

As a manager, Olenick is responsible for planning upcoming events here in Tumbler Ridge. The Coal Forum, which is in October, is a project on the go at this time. She is also a face in the community, talking to people and letting businesses know what the Chamber of Commerce has to offer. Her position does not hold her to her office. Connecting with the community is also part of her role.

Olenick says her new job keeps her very busy. As it is a very new experience for her, a lot of her time is spent getting familiar with the Chamber and getting to know her new office. Soon, she will be attending seminars to help her in her new position. Olenick stated she is very happy with the support she has received from the Chamber of Commerce and she is grateful for feeling welcome in her new position. She also wants to send out a big thank you to her son, Michael Olenick, and her boyfriend, Scott Todd, for being incredibly supportive as she adjusts to her new role as Chamber of Commerce Manager.

The Chamber of Commerce office, located in the community centre, is open Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm. If you have any questions, drop in or call 242-0015.

Reminder to Chamber of Commerce members: There is a luncheon meeting, at noon, being held at the Tumbler Ridge Inn on September 14, 2007. All Chamber members are welcome.

The Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce is located in the Community Centre.

Hours are 9:30 to 4:30 from Monday to Friday. Closed for lunch from 12-1 Call the office at 242-0015 or on their cell at 242-7042. Email address is

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