Investors Group Workshop on Tax Free Savings Accounts

Investors Group Workshop: On the evening of January 15th, Judy Stair(above) from Dawson Creek, a consultant with Investors Group, gave an informative seminar on the new TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) at the Community Center. This was an interesting presentation with how this new TFSA can benefit residents of any age starting at age 18. There were lots of questions from those that attended, mostly to do with a comparison of this new plan versus RRSP?s, GIC?s etc. There was so much positive information regarding the TFSA that it is well worth checking into, as some find paying taxes on RRSP?s penalizing. With the TFSA account one may be able to avoid this, just depends on what your needs and income are when approaching retirement age. This informative evening, was well presented, free of charge and with refreshments provided.