Itchy Feet February 17th, 2009 7pm in the Tumbler Ridge Public Library

Peter von Tiesenhausen will be visiting Tumbler Ridge on February 17th and making a presenation at the library?s Itchy Feet. You won?t want to miss the opportunity to meet this celebrated artist.

?Alberta artist Peter von Tiesenhausen has a fierce connection to the land. That connection is present in all of his work, whether it?s in a painting, mixed media, an installation, or a sculpture made of willow branches, bronze, ice, or granite.? Peter uses any media to communicate. Come, see , and talk to him. Find out why he is considered to be one of Canada?s most dynamic visual artists.

Do you believe that art plays a role in changing the way we perceive our world? Join internationally recognized artist Peter von Tiesenhausen as he talks about his work and its intent to bring about awareness of place and of our relation to this planet.?

?I sometimes call these works ?interactions.? The end result is often very different than the initial idea. Nature dictates the limitations and peculiarities of the materials. Wind and weather change the look and feel and even the meaning of the projects.?