Itchy Feet for Kids

This past Thursday February 14, 2008 at 3pm was the presentation of the ?Kids Itchy Feet?, held at The Tumbler Ridge Public Library and hosted by Michele Burton (Library Manager) Sharon Bray Children?s Programs) and Rob Mandeville (vacationer). Itchy feet is in it?s 15th season and has grown from about 20 people to approximately 140 (on a good night).

Itchy Feet was created to ward off the winter blah?s after the Christmas season had ended.

This presentation was of a canoe trip the Mandeville Family took to Bowron Lakes. Rob and Peter Mandeville, Amanda Weibe, Michelle Payne, Caitlin and Matthew Payne and Mayu Shibata packed their gear and headed off for an adventure. They spent the first two days at Barkerville, an old west town outside of Quesnel. The family enjoyed traditional covered coach rides, panned for gold and tasted the old fashioned candy from the candy store.

After Barkerville they were off to do some serious paddling and portaging. The family spent eight days canoeing a total of 116 kms and portaging roughly 11 kms. There was two canoes and one kayak, and a few seriously tired people with a total of 12 lakes to paddle through and hills to hike up. The Mandeville family had some fairly good weather, not running into rain until Isaac Lake, where they took shelter in some cabins there (with some mice for company).

They took photographs of wild life; moose, black bears and fish.

Matthew had a dump in the lake because he was sitting in the front of the canoe (quite a few giggles for that one) and Caitlin, did not want to touch the slimy fish (ewwww).

During the presentation traditional camping food was served to the children, to help them experience a little of what it was like to be out there.

Ooey Gooey Banana?s (traditionally cooked in the campfire) was the first sweet taste of camping for there young taste buds (cause we all know camping means getting dessert first!) then it was BBQ?ed hot dogs and juice.

A truly enjoyable event for the children and adults alike. Thank you Mandeville Family for sharing it with us.