Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society (WNMS) has teamed up with the Tumbler Ridge Public Library to hold monthly evening slideshows, in which members or invited guests present their travels and enlighten those of us with itchy feet.

Last year our TR librarian Michele Burton received a coveted regional award on behalf of the library, for its role in Itchy Feet. For 2004, the exciting innovation is that it is now a three way partnership, with the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation and WNMS putting on alternate presentations; that's double the number of shows.

14 January (WNMS): LORRAINE HARRISON will show her slides on two exciting trips in Mexico: one hiking through the Copper Canyon (over a mile deep, deeper than Grand Canyon) – the other to the remote Chiapas mountains and jungle where she visited remote Mayan ruins.

21 January (TRMF): Our retired geologist DOUG FOERSTER will deliver a presentation on Tumbler Ridge and Petroleum. This follows on Kevin Sharman's coal presentation, in which the museum highlights aspects of our economic base.

11 February (WNMS): WAYNE SAWCHUK will deliver a twin presentation with two very contrasting titles – Africa and the Arctic.

18 February (TRMF): A MONKMAN evening, with a number of speakers, focussing on our wonderful history. BEN FOSTER will report on progress with the renovation of Alex Monkman's original homestead. Slides will be shown of the Monkman Pass route including Monkman Lake and the Cascades. JANET HARTFORD, who was there in person in the late 1930s, will reminisce on her experiences (amongst other adventures, she was the first, possibly the only, person to climb Kinuseo Falls in summer). We are still working on the March and April schedules – if anyone is keen to present, please call Charles at 242 3984 or reply by email.