Itchy Feet Slide Show

The Tumbler Ridge Public Library?s success story has a history?..

Our community went through some ups and downs as some changes came. As the town continues to change and grow, our library started to cooperate with more community groups to offer programs and activities that attract people to our library. Ten years ago Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society with Dr. Charles Helm, author of two books about Tumbler Ridge brought to our Library the Itchy Feet program designed to chase away the winter blues and doldrums, which every community experiences Mid- January, February and March.

Consulting the Collins English Dictionary ?to have itchy feet,? means ?to be restless, to have a desire to travel.? This is exactly what it means to be and what it is ? to be somewhere else ? exotic, lively and warm. Families and individuals, which had traveled, gave a slide presentation of their trip. The big potential of people we have in our community and newcomers from across Canada and North America as well as from many countries around the world wish to share their memories and experience. Many of the Tumbler Ridge families have become inspired to travel through these presentations.

This year Itchy Feet Slide Show took on a whole new dimension and is definitely our success story. We started within our own fair country ?Canada, achieving the lively aspect. Exotically, We went from the Kathmandu valley to height of base camp of Mount Everest in Nepal with Kabzems family: their children also having been there, taking active part in the presentation. We found our warmth as we sailed the South Pacific with Lucinda Lindsay and Al Tattersall and their children. By giving Itchy Feet a high profile we worked to bring in the whole community. Aware of each ?trip,? we prepared imaginative posters, book displays from the ?trip? area and the Library was decorated well in advance with souvenirs and memorabilia.

On event night, the cozy atmosphere of the library actually takes the residents of Tumbler Ridge away. Display tables held articles, photo albums, artwork and crafts for hands-on experiences. The speakers dressed in the costume of the country they were speaking of. They talked and read diaries, gave some statistics and information, answered questions and made explanations. Their children were an active part of the presentation/children were part of the audience. They had seen the same things and events through the eyes of young people: they had a different prospective making the presentation interesting for children and teens. At intermission the refreshment was served. The audience was treated to the cuisine of the country or area.

The attendance spoke for us Itchy Feet grew from an attendance of 15-20 people to a record of 139. Enthusiasm by the community was so great that we actually had to remove books- from this area move the shelves over and still had to angle them to accommodate people.

It was made possible with the co-operation and patience of our ?boys in blue? (the maintenance team) and our cleaning staff.

These presentations were offered of course at no cost whatsoever to the public.

ITCHY FEET is Tumbler Ridges Public Library?s Thank you to the Community for their wonderful and ongoing support of the Library

And is a success story which will obviously be ongoing.